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Our Team

Celebrating 20 years of Wintersports Retail we aim to keep our ethos fresh, providing unmatched customer service for lovers of our sport and a desire to pass on our passion to our customers and friends.

A true winter sports family with a hand-picked team; backgrounds and experiences from all over the skiing and snowboarding world.  


Papa John       Former Ski Instructor, Ski Tester, ski and boot modification guru and founder

Mamma Sue    Our organisational force, stock controller, web sales co-ordinator and founder

Chris                Revoluntionz Snowboard guru, Snowboard Instructor, Board Tester and founder

Dan                  Revolutionz Well Seasoned, Snowboard Instructor, Board Tester and Bootfitter 

Christian         Our "in-house" Physio, Ski Tester, Bootfitter and enthusiastic Touring/ Telemarker 

Harry               Snowfit Ski Tester, Ski Instructor, Freestyle Coach and Bootfitter 

Robyn             Snowfit Ski Tester, Ski Instructor and Bootfitter 

Hannah           Lightning Ski Racer, Bootfitter and Ski Tester

Jakey              Snowfit's "Man on the Snow", Ski Tester, Race and Skiercross Coach

Tom                Our Specialist Racer, a Technician and Bootfitter