This page is for all of the Frequently asked Questions from you guys. If you can't find what it is you're looking for please don't hesitate to ask us and we will answer it for you!

1 Skis
1.1 What Ski is for me?
  • We believe that every ski we stock is a great ski and we also feel as we have skied them all we know what we're talking about. 
  • When purchasing any ski the things to take in mind is your height, your abilities and the type of skiing you enjoy.
  • Sizing skis isn't hard. If you're looking for a piste ski you want the height of the ski to come up to your eye or middle of forehead.
  • If it's more of an all mountain, powder or freeride ski you want more head height, this is because this type of ski tends to have a rocker or early rise tip and sometimes tail which means theres less ski on the snow.
  • If it's a race ski, it's the same as a piste ski (depending on which type of racing your looking to do).
  • If it's a Freestyle ski, it's the same as a Powder ski, this is again down to the amount of ski on the snow as they will have twin tips. 
  • Your ability is ranked in Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, Expert. Be honest with yourself and decide which area you feel best sounds right for you. You can then use the Filter option on our skis page to decide filter skis.
  • Which type of skiing you enjoy can only be answered by you. There are many types which may make it feel confusing but just think back to your last trip, where did you spend the most of your time? (Ps if its the bar then a piste ski is going to work just fine for yourself).
  • We hope this helps, but any questions don't hesitate to ask us!


2 Goggles
2.1 What does Photochromic mean?
  • This lens was created when silver-based crystals were applied to the molten glass and it was discovered that the more intense UV exposure the darker the lens got, the silver-based crystals allow for the lens to be nearly all clear indoors but extremely responsive to sunlight.


  • (Scientific definition) Photochromic technology : Molecules are imbedded into the lenses which allow for reversible darkening capabilities. These molecules change shape when activated by the sun which in turn makes them appear darker, as the light from the sun fades, the molecules revert back to their original shape making the lense appear clear. They expand and change faster to light than they reverse back to clear, this is how automatic darkening to sun-light in the lenses is guaranteed.


  • (non-scientific): When light sensitive lenses engage the photochromic technology which in turn adapts to sunlight intensity.


  • A massive advantage to having these is that there are no moments of temporarily blindness due to being unable to focus our eyes when stepping into direct sunlight. This can prove to be frustrating and disorientating which can be extremely dangerous.


2.2 What does OTG mean?

OTG stands for over the Glasses fit. The way this works is the frame and foam is slightly positioned at a wider profile than standard fit goggles. Some Models are made in OTG as well a regular fit.


2.3 What does Lumalens Mean?

Dragon have a number of different goggles and the majority use this technology. The way this works is by optimising filtered light, the way we see is though colour, when these colours cross it makes it very hard to pick out objects. So, what Lumalens does is it works to separate these colours giving precise depth perception and helping you judge distances, objects and other people.


2.4 What does Swiftlock mean?

This is the system dragon use on some of the models of their goggles. It’s simple, secure and fast to do. It works with two levels (one of each side on the goggle), pull them up and the lens will come away from the goggle. The system has THREE multi point sockets which are designed to accommodate the studs on the lens. To fit the new/ next lens on, push them on the frame which will locate the sockets and simply lock the levers back down.


2.5 What does Panotech Mean?

Panoramic lens, Dragon now have the largestbest amount of panoramic view goggle on the market. Panoramic lens makes your amount of range of sight side to side much larger making you have a better view of your surroundings.


2.6 What Does Chromapop Mean?

Chromapop is a system that has been developed by Smith Optics to help with sight when on the snow.

Eyes see light through THREE colours, Red, Green and Blue. Individually these colours are easy to identify but when any of them, or all of them cross, your sight becomes distorted and it's hard to distinguish which is which, making looking out at objects harder. 


2.7 What Does Amplifier Lens Technology mean?

Amplifier Lens – The human eye sees through colour, red, green and blue. When these colours are crossing seeing objects in the distance are hard to make out. The Amplifier lens takes the three colours and draws them apart from each other. When you put on Scott goggles it’s almost like putting on glasses, they make your view ahead clearer which for snow sports is ideal.




3 Ski Bindings
3.1 What ski bindings should I choose?

Ski bindings work on three main things, your age, your weight and your height. Ski bindings are numbered, so for example (Tyrolia Attack 11 or Attack 13) the number is the highest the bindings din setting can go. if it on a high number it will make it harder to release.


Junior skiers should not go for adult bindings unless they're advanced or weigh the same as adults. Bindings great for Juniors are TYROLIA SX 7.5 AC BINDING or TYROLIA SX 4.5 AC.


If you're a light person, a beginner or over 50 your binding number doesn't need to be high, great bindings would be Tyrolia Attack 11, Marker Squire 11 ID or Scott Warden 11. 


If you're a medium weight person, an intermediate skier or aged between 13 to 50 your binding again doesn't need to be to high. Great bindings options are Tyrolia Attack 11 or 12, Marker Squire 11 ID or Scott Warden 11.


If you're medium or a heavier person, an advanced to expert skier aged between 13 to 50 your binding should be a higher din number. Great bindings for this are the Tyrolia Attack 13 or 14, Marker Griffon 13 ID, Look SPX 13 or 14 or the Scott Warden 13.


3.2 Do race Skis come with Bindings?

With some shops they offer all their skis with bindings included in the price. For us here at Snowfit we tend not to except for some models. We don't do them as a package because we believe that not every binding will match the skier but the ski when the ski does. This tends to be down to the Skiers weight and ability.