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Ski tuning can be a casual and occasional "hobby" that is undertaken once or twice a year, prior to or shortly after the annual ski trip, alternatively, it can become obsessional. We have the tools to enable you to follow either doctrine.
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Ski tuning can be simply edging and waxing your skis with a view to keeping a nice level of glide and performance on any practice trips to your nearest Indoor Snowslope or Dryslope, or it can be much more.

Specially angled Files for extreme edge angles to produce phenomenal grip, super Hard Waxes to resist the rigors of Dryslope skiing, precisely variable Waxing Irons to ensure the correct flow and penetration of the different Ski Waxes it just goes on and on.  Just try and make sure it remains fun and interesting, not a grind!

If you cannot see what you require, please do contact us, we may have tucked away and not on the website just what you are looking for, or we should, in any case, be able to get it for you from one of our many suppliers.

Should doing this all yourself not appeal then bring your Skis, Snowblades or Snowboards in to us and we will tune them up for you in our on-site workshops for a very competitive fee.