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Ski-mojo is a special device using spring recoil technology to reduce a third of the strain on legs and knees. Benefits are added power, impact reduction, substantial delay in muscle fatigue and alleviating leg and knee pain. The product can be particularly helpful for patients and customers with arthritis, some neurological conditions, post-OP knee replacements and general muscle fatigue. This patented ski~mojo product is of great quality materials and is fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable and good fit independant of size.

The only choice you have to make is to choose the appropriate strength of springs for your weight:

  • The Gold ski~mojo is suitable for skiers weighing MORE than 75Kg;
  • The Silver ski-mojo is suitable for skiers weighing UP TO 85Kg.
    For skiers weighing between 75Kg and 85Kg either model is suitable.
  • The Blue ski-mojo is suitable for skiers between 45kg and 65Kg.

The ski~mojo comes with a handy carry bag, instructions booklet and a Hex-Key, which is the only tool you need to fit and adjust your ski~mojo.