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The Physio Clinic is based in a friendly and professional environment at Snowfit/Revolutionz.

Our physiotherapist focuses on acute and chronic sports and work-related injuries.

Service include physiotherapy, pre-/post-operative rehabilitation, massage therapy, biomechanics and movement analysis, individualised exercise programs, kinesiology taping, electrotherapy (Ultrasound/TENS), on site analysis, specialised boot fits and custom insoles/orthotics.

Typical injuries diagnosed and treated are back and neck pain, upper and lower joint pain and arthritis, soft tissue trauma, overuse and strain injuries, nerve related injuries, and pre-and post OP rehabilitation.

The clinic room is fully equipped with therapeutic tools to facilitate you in a safe and effective recovery.

Our physiotherapist has a passion for work, the mountains and sports and treat skiers/snowboarders, tennis players, golfers, triathletes, cyclists and runners of any ability.


Services in the clinic may involve one or several of the following (PLEASE CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION)