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NITRO SNOWBOARDING Nitro Anthem Tls Snowboard Boot

All day fit, all season long
NITRO SNOWBOARDING Nitro Anthem Tls Snowboard Boot

The upgraded Anthem TLS offers traction, foothold, cushioning. Built to provide a comfortable and user-friendly ride to keep the runs going long. Years of boot building expertise has created one of the best do it all snowboard boots, from burly AK lines to jibbing in the park, the Anthem delivers.

Outer boot
The EVA outsole keeps the overall weight low and provides great impact absorption and thermal insulation. The outsole is reinforced with strategically placed rubber impact panels for added resistance, traction, and durability.

Inner boot
Nitro's Cloud 4 liner is lightweight and flexible for all-mountain comfort and mobility. The Cloud 4 Liner comes with a pre-moulded Thermacell material for perfect out-of-the-box fit. The Anatomical Footbed offers top-notch control and cushioning. The Re/Lace Liner Locker provides easy adjustability of your inner boot lacing when your boot shell is tightened.

Lacing System
Lace your boots in record time with Nitro's TLS 5 Twin lacing system. With the two handles, you can tie the lower and upper zone of the boot independently. Just pull the handle up, snap in the laces and you're done. The Bail Out System is designed to make unlacing the TLS system even easier. This pull tab that is in the middle of the lacing system on the outside of the boot allows for effortless unlacing and recording breaking speeds for taking your boots off.