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The sharpest tool for the shred, the K2 Joy Driver is the brainchild of K2 pro, Lucas DeBari.

The sharpest tool for the shred, the K2 Joy Driver is the brainchild of K2 pro, Lucas DeBari. This deck uses Inked Glass™ – a breakthrough in graphics processing that’s years in the making and shaves 10% off the entire board weight. The Joy Driver’s Bambooyah™ core is so durable we’ve slapped a 5-year warranty on it, and the construction is dialled to deliver both the versatility of all-terrain rocker with the liveliness of traditional camber in one final, top-standard quality!

key features and construction tech......

Camber profile – Camber K2 pioneered the rocker revolution back in 2005 with the reintroduction of the Gyrator and it’s Powder Rocker Baseline. Since then the Baseline offering has grown but remained consistent and easy to understand. Helping to cut through the Rocker confusion and allowing consumers to quickly understand its benefits and select the right profile for how and where they ride.
Baseline is the line the steel edge makes on the bottom of the board and can be made up of Rocker, Camber, Flat or any combination of these. We offer four different Baselines each tailored to a different type of snowboarding. From the responsive and poppy feel of Precision all the way to rockered AT profile, there is a Baseline that perfectly matches your individual snow sliding style. Sometimes nothing can replace the lively and classic feel of traditional camber. By adding the classic arc geometry to our rocker oriented Baseline you get the best of both worlds. With predictiblepop and a precise edge initiation and hold, camber finds a new home within our proven Baseline design philosophy.

• Ultra thin, static eliminating base
• Lightweight, lower material usage
• Highest quality sintered available anywhere

The WH4 Core pulls every trick from our bag of core tech. With a greater percentage of HONEYKOMB than the WH3 Core, it’s engineered to maintain durability at minimal weight.

Inkglass - A breakthrough in graphic processing that was years in the making, Inked Glass is the lightest way to get top quality graphic on a snowboard. Setup basically like an iron-on transer, this process fuses the graphic inks right into the fiberglass in one seamless step that removes the need for a heavy plastic topsheet.

 BambooyahTM cores are skate style horizontally laminated bamboo cores that we challenge any rider to try and break. Offered in two levels of industrial shred- grade strength: Bambooyah with its 5 year limited warranty and Bambooyah Blend with 2 years of coverage.