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HEAD SKI Head V-Shape V6 Ski + Pr11 Binding

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The Head V-Shape V6 is a very accessible piste ski with great carving ability and a smooth, stable ride. The lightness of the whole V-Shape range is achieved with no loss of drive, you really do feel that you and the skis are as one and you are in contro
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HEAD SKI Head V-Shape V6 Ski + Pr11 Binding

We Say:-

Very Impressed with the V-Shape V6, it hits all the right notes and with style. The V-Shape ski/binding combinations are much lighter than the recent stables of skis Head have had in this sector, the Integrales, Revs and even the Instincts but they have achieved this lightness without losing the power and edge hold that the others had.

That edge hold is very solid, the ride very smooth and all our testers were impressed with the performance across the variety of snow conditions we encountered on piste and just off, while testing over a period of a fortnight in Austria in early March.


Head Say:-

The V-Shape 6 is perfect for experienced skiers. It's like finding the friend you've always been looking for. A friend who can handle any terrain. A true friend who stays the course, no matter what. You can put the foot down on piste, or smoothly master off-piste terrain. In the process, you will become a better skier.


Speed: medium
Terrain: Allride
Skill: Intermediate
lengths: 149/156/163/170/177
radius: 13,5 @ Length 170
Sidecut: 132 / 78 / 113 @ Length 170


LYT Tech Construction

ERA 3.0


Power Sidewall Jacket Construction

Wood Composite Core

Structured UHM C Base

Allride Rocker