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For pure jib dominance and all mountain destruction
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The 2019 Bataleon Disaster is an easy riding jibbing powerhouse built on years of rail domination. Featuring the Jib 3BT profile and Low Camber, the Disaster is super poppy while flexing and pressing with minimal effort, so you can jump higher, press harder, and lock on easier than ever before, all with less consequence than a regular positive camber board. 

Board Type: Park

Camber Type: Jib 3BT

Jib 3BT is the most mellow in the 3BT range, featuring the widest centre base and the least dramatic side-base uplift for easy presses, stable slides, and powerful ollies, with the forgiving benefits of 3BT tech.

All 3BT boards have a positive camber profile but vary in the degree of camber and uplift across the width of the board. The Disaster has a Low Camber profile, which allows it to flex and press with minimal effort.

Sidekick - Sidekick dramatically increases the amount of uplift just outside the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation smoother, enhances float, and improves handling in rough terrain. 

Flex: 2/10 (1 = soft, 10 = stiff)

A soft flex for a playful, forgiving board that flexes and presses with ease. 

Shape: Twin

This board is a true twin, meaning it's perfectly symmetrical for riding both switch and regular.

Core: Core Core

The Core Core is a full Poplar wood core with Beech hardwood laid tip to tail, reinforcing the inserts and increasing pop.

C.S.T - The Central Super Tube upgrade puts one hollow carbon rod down the centre of the core, adding pop without increasing torsional stiffness.

Biax Laminate - A time-tested two-way weave that keeps the board light, strong, and snappy, without increasing torsional stiffness.

Base: Super Slick X

The Super Slick X base has the maximum molecular content available for an extruded base, making it super slick, incredibly tough, and basically maintenance-free.

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