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In a certain way, the Rome SDS was started in 1985 by two high school kids. They just didn’t know it yet. That winter, the future co-founders of the company, Paul Maravetz and Josh Reid, were seniors in high school, unknown to one another and separated by several hundred miles. But they each strapped in and took the first step that would ultimately bring them together to start Rome in 2001.

From 2001 until today, it’s been an experiment in building a business rooted in snowboarding. Whether it is designing a new board camber, developing innovative binding technology, crafting unique riding clothing or pioneering approaches to snowboard video production, Rome has constantly pushed to create new expressions that are rooted in the act of snowboarding and the values of snowboarding. Regardless of what we’ve done, we’ve always tried to keep it our creative endeavours designed by snowboarding.

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