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AIRHOLE Airhole Airhole Patterned Mens

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Airhole manufactures the best face masks in business
AIRHOLE Airhole Airhole Patterned Mens

Airhole manufactures the best face masks in business, which prioritise protection and comfort despite cold, harsh conditions. Along with their fun, creative graphics, the signature 'airhole' design expels moisture, retains heat, eliminates goggle fogging and allows for uninterrupted breathing and hydrating. 

A 2-Layer patented design fabric ensures a cosy inner and maximised warmth, made from 100% polyester microfiber that wicks moisture, from sweat to snow, away from the face. Its contoured shape gives for a more ergonomic fit that allows for goggles to be worn over the top and minimises exposed skin including the neck.
Features Include
  • Weather Resistant Outer Shell - assists with expelling moisture and retaining heat.
  • Direct Injected Silicone Airhole - research and testing have found the perfect size, shape and position for the oval opening in the mask so you can breathe and talk freely without moisture build-up or excessive heat loss.
  • Custom Sizing - an ergonomic nose and neck shape for a comfortable fit.
  • Easily Adjustable - super soft, anti-hair pulling velcro.
  • Woven Airhole Label Detailing