Volkl RTM 75 + 4 Motion Bindings


Volkl RTM 75 + 4Motion Binding 2014

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Volkl Piste Ski with bindings

All skis are waxed, brushed out and carefully packed

We Say:-
A forgiving, introductory all mountain ski, most at home on piste.  The 75mm waist width is just wide enough to give you some support in softer snow so dipping off to the side of the pistes with these can be fun. Smooth, exceptionally forgiving, just the sort of ski to get you off the infamous "intermediate plateau".  Real benefit is once off that plateau these will allow you room to progress right up to a good level of advanced skiing skills.

If you are looking for more off piste ability then you are better to look at either the RTM 81 or something like the Kendo/Mantra.

They Say:-
Complementing the RTM 75 iS, the RTM 75 comes in a at a lower price point for intermediate skiers who want a silky smooth frontside ski that can handle a variety of terrain and conditions. Progressive Technology tip rocker makes it more forgiving than intermediate level skis of the past.

Price include 4Motion bindings

Tech Spec

Brand Volkl
Ability Intermediate
Waist width 67-76mm (piste carver)
Ski shape Hybrid
Where you like to ski All Mountain (mainly on piste)

If you buy your skis and bindings from us on our recommendation, either by visiting the store and talking to our staff, or "discussing" your requirements with us over the telephone or via e-mail and then when you ski them you cannot get on with them we offer the following guarantee:-

Subject to a weekly rental charge of £70 (rail binding system skis) or £95 (flat top skis that have been specifically drilled and mounted for you) we will accept return of those skis (providing of course they haven't been "mullered") and put the remainder of the price you paid for them towards a different pair.  

Please note, if you are unable to return the skis to us in person you would be required to pay for the carriage charges incurred in their return.

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Posted by peter hardman on Sunday, 23 November 2014


1) does this ski have any rocker 2) if 'yes' should a longer ski be chosen compared with previous non rocker skis, 3) if 'yes' how much longer 4) which is easier for a novice/intermediate (10 weeks experience) to control on a churned up piste with ruts mogals and hardpack; a piste ski or an all mountain ski


  • Posted by John Sturgess on Sunday, 23 November 2014

    Good Morning Peter

    Thanks for your enquiry about the Volkl RTM 75's and in answer to your questions here are our thoughts:-

    1.  Yes there is a modest tip rocker

    2/3.  We would suggest so and with the relatively modest rocher on the 75's we would suggest that you ski these about 5-7cms longer than the equivalent full camber ski

    4.  This is where it becomes a little more involved!

    Just as there are piste skis and there are piste skis, so there are all mtn's and all mtns, within the genres their skiability and performance varies hugely.

    The rule of thumb used to be that a piste ski had a waist width of between 63mm and 72mm underfoot, all mountain's from 70mm to 80mm and big fat powder skis from 80-100mm.  Howver in the last ten years the goalposts have moved dramatically. 

    Two out of the last four years, Fall Line magazine have named the Head Supershape Titan as their "Piste Ski of the Year", this has a waist width of 78-80mm (depending on length of the ski) and most of the skis we sell for use primarily on piste are now from 74-84mm wide underfoot.  Generally speaking, the more advanced the skier the stiffer (and thus less forgiving of less than perfect technique) the skis are.

    All mountains now go from about 78mm underfoot anything up to 100mm and Freeride/Powder skis from about 90mm right up to 130mm (almost snowboard width.  The characteristics, ie flex, torsional stiffness, turn radius, waist width and length have a greater bearing on what they best suit rather than their basic categorisation and all are slightly different in the way they perform.

    The RTM 75 is a great little ski and will probably hit the spot for you but if you can give us a call 01603 716655 during the shop hours, 10-4 today and either me, Jakey, Chris or Megan will be happy to guide you through the minefield! 


    Kind regards


    John and Team

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