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Scott The Ski 2014

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All terrain ski with elliptical core shaping.

All skis are waxed, brushed out and carefully packed


NS 14-White-100mm

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We say:-

The Ski is a little different in its skiability to the usual stunning skis that Scott have produced over the last ten years in that we felt it does require you to ski it a bit more positively than many of their others in order to get the best out of it and have real fun.

Whereas with say a Venture or a Reverse/Luna you know you can have a relaxed ski or go for a blast and have equally as much fun, we felt (particularly me, John, ageing but still skiing pretty ok) that they really didn't come into their own until you started to push them, then they were awesome.

Our younger testers, Jakey and Sophie found this much less of an issue but then, Jakey, spent several years racing for the GB Juniors and Sophie is still a very active and extremely good racer, so their skiing is noticeably more dynamic at all times than mine, even when they're "cruising".

So our view is that "The Ski" is a great addition to the already superb range of Scott Skis, particularly as it really does add something quite different in skiing characteristics to the established classics of their range.  Great edge hold, dynamic drive, smooth, its powered turns are effortless, it's great across all but the deepest of deep powder but you do need to ski them.  They won't come looking for you, you have to find them, however, when you do they really are truly superb.

Scott say:-

The Ski has been developed to handle all types of skiing and terrain conditions. It has a unique sandwich construction offering exceptional torsional stiffness and a full length wood core for unmatched homogenous flex.

With 3dimension sidecut and a Pro-Tip rocker profile, the ski provides unmatched performance and versatlity.

The Ski comes in different colours for each length, 155-aqua, 165 - yellow, 175 - white, 185 - black.





Sandwich Sidewall Construction Laminate Elliptic

Pro-Tip Rocker 320

3Dimension sidecut

Full ski length wood core


Factory Finish

Tech Spec

Brand Scott
Ability Advanced, Expert
Waist width No
Ski shape Early Rise
Where you like to ski All Mountain (mainly off piste), All Mountain (mainly on piste), Hike & Ride, Touring

If you buy your skis and bindings from us on our recommendation, either by visiting the store and talking to our staff, or "discussing" your requirements with us over the telephone or via e-mail and then when you ski them you cannot get on with them we offer the following guarantee:-

Subject to a weekly rental charge of £70 (rail binding system skis) or £95 (flat top skis that have been specifically drilled and mounted for you) we will accept return of those skis (providing of course they haven't been "mullered") and put the remainder of the price you paid for them towards a different pair.  

Please note, if you are unable to return the skis to us in person you would be required to pay for the carriage charges incurred in their return.

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Posted by shaun campling on Tuesday, 27 May 2014


hi, similar to the question above. i am a very fit 49 year old ski club member grade purple/ gold off piste and gold on piste. i currently ski on an old pair of scott missions, ive tried a few other skis but still love the missions, i find they turn easily and cope great with everything. i would prefer them a little stiffer on hard snow but a little more floaty when going fast in deeper snow. at slower speed in deep snow which i enjoy the most they are right up my street, so i would really prefer a new ski that has all the characteristics of the missons, only better. will the new "the ski" fit the bill, are there better alternatives or am i being too fussy and just need to improve my technique some more


  • Posted by John Sturgess on Tuesday, 27 May 2014

    Good Morning Shaun


    Thanks for your enquiry about replacements for your Missions, which I too consider a great ski, even now about ten years after it came out (accepting the odd "tweak" along the way).


    There are several skis which I think could hit the spot but firstly if you could answer me a few questions please:-

    What length are your Missions?

    Do you do any "touring/hiking on them?

    What bindings do you have fitted and would you be looking to re-use these or get a complete new set up (if so, would you want identical/similar/or something from the new breed of bindings) ?

    If you like to let me have a contact phone number I'll be happy to chat the options through with you, we can probably cover a lot more ground more quickly than if we "bounce" e-mails.


    Kind regards


    John and Team


Posted by Andrew on Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I currently ski on Scott Neo's and I am looking to purchase a replacement pair with similar characteristic but a little more performance - do you think that Scott's The Ski would do this?


  • Posted by John Sturgess on Wednesday, 4 December 2013

    Hi Andrew,


    Thanks for your enquiry and whilst we don't feel the Scott The Ski's are as universally suited to all mountain skiers as Scott clearly do, for someone who has been skiing Neo's and are now looking for something with a bit more oomph then they are a good choice.

    Skied hard and with purpose we found them awesome, just rather less inspiring at slow speeds where they felt noticeably harder work.


    Hope this helps, do give us a call on 01603 716655 if you think a chat about them/binding options would help.


    Kind regards


    John, Jakey and Team

Posted by Nicholas West on Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I have presently ZAG 'Big 168' skis with Salomon Z10 bindings and ski with the Ski Club of GB off piste, purple standard (I am a reasonably fit 70 yr old). They are nice and light but slow on long flat runs and are about 5 yrs old so need a change. The Ski Club magazine recently rated 'Scott The ski 2014 as the top performance winner so I am very interested to buy these. My ZAG skis weigh 5.2kilos with bindings, what is the weight of the Scotts? If you are familiar with the ZAG, how do they compare?


  • Posted by John Sturgess on Tuesday, 3 December 2013

    Thanks for your enquiry about the Scott "The Ski".  You'll have seen from our review that we weren't as blown away with these as some people seem to have been and it's fair to say I still believe that for most of us there are other skis in the superb Scott range that are better suited to our range of skiing than The Ski is.  My concern is that whilst most UK testers/reviewers seem to suggest it is an easy to ski, go anywhere ski it really isn't.


    We found that they only performed well when driven pretty hard, a view which although seemingly rare this side of the pond is echoed much more over in the States.  I'm ten years younger than you and I can assure you there's probably a dozen skis I'd buy before The Ski if I was looking for  myself, three of them Scott's.

    I'd siggest that the new Surf'air, the fabulous Venture and the Crusade are our picks of the Scott range for doing what you want, probably the Surfair being the most appropriate, with lots of punch in a ski designed as a lightweight but powerful "Touring version" of their supremely successful Mission.

    Other skis that would hit the spot for you are the Volkl Nanuq, Nunataq and Amaruq as well and worth considering, the Nordica Steadfast, Fischer Watea 88 and the White Doctor LT 8 (although this is possibly a bit narrow).


    By all means give me a call when the shop re-opens at 10, after the weekend, I'll be happy to chat through options and the merits and drawbacks of each (as we perceived them when we tested all these skis back in February/March.


    Kind regards


    John and Team

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