Stepchild Sucks 2014


Stepchild Sucks 2014

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Team sports Suck, but this board sure doesn't!

All boards are professionally waxed and carefully packed ready for you to hit the snow!

Don't believe the name, this doesn't suck, but it will do everything you want except buy your lift pass.

Another popular choice on the Revolutionz board test and consistently featuring in the Good Wood awards, the Stepchild Sucks has camber done the right way: fast and responsiveness with a nice flex from the Kicker1 core. Add the True Twin shape and the Snag Free Structurn base and you have a board you can take anywhere. 

Stepchild may have screwed up the name, but they certainly didn't get the board wrong!

Add the Flux TT30 bindings and a pair of ThirtyTwo 86T boots for a sweet sweet ride!

Check out what Stepchild say about the Sucks right here

Snag Free - The bases are hardened in the press by a temperature control system to cook the base harder as it sandwiches the board. The base material comes out much harder than when it went in. Snag free bases have joints in the base material which prevents the board from snagging.
Armadillo Plate - A diamond shaped reinforcement layer that is placed over the inserts.
Twin - The board is a true twin shape with a centred stance and sidecut.
Kicker1 Core - Tip to tail fully computerised milled and profiled poplar wood core that gives a smooth, consistant flex distribution. 
Regular Camber - The power and performance regular camber offers is the reason it has been the main form of snowboard construction since day one. Tried and true, the camber's lively feel and snap will power through big landings, drops, chunders, pillows and almost anything else you can throw at it.
Structurn base - A snowboard with a Structurn base will glide much further than an ordinary snowboard. The difference is particularly dramatic in wet or slushy snow conditions but it works well in all snow conditions. Like the dimples on a golf ball, a Structurn base has a series of tiny elongated dimples. These break down the friction between the board and the snow with dramatic results.  

Tech Spec

Brand Stepchild
Ability Intermediate, Advanced
Camber shape Traditional camber
Riding styles All mountain, Park & Pipe
Snowboard Width UK 10 & Under

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Posted by steven on Thursday, 27 August 2015


Hi, Just about to order this, but in Googling it looks like the 158 graphic is different graphic than the picture. More importantly it looked like the 158 has the hand giving the finger. Now I wouldn't mind but I'm sure my wife wouldn't be to impressed when i have to explain to my 11 son why dad's snowboard has a big hand with something he's been told is not appropriate. .. :-) Could you just confirm what the graffic is before I order, thanks


  • Posted by Chris Sturgess on Thursday, 27 August 2015

    Good Morning, I am affraid to say the board does have the graphic with the middle finger on it. However if you'd like to speak to one of our snowboard techs to explore other options that are simular (but much more appropriate) give us a call on 01603 716655. Many Thanks.

  • Posted by John Sturgess on Thursday, 27 August 2015

    Good Morning Steven

    Thanks for your enquiry and sorry we missed this one earlier.

    I quite understand the situation, whilst the designers think their designs are clever and cool, they are often in a bit of an "artistic bubble" and are oblivious of the real world where there are more important issues than being "cool and edgy".

    I have a horrible feeling that it is the finger on the 158, I will double checck this as soon as I'm into the shop this morning at 10am.


    Kind regards



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