Ski Mojo Mark V 2015

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Exo-skeleton for knee support, injury protection.

The Ski Mojo has been around for seven season's now and has had three main format changes which is why this particular model is called the Mark III when in fact it is the fifth incarnation (two minor tweaks as well as the two major re-designs).  The basic principle of function has remained the same throughout but they have become, lighter, less obtrusive and easier to get on and off.

Whether you are a skier advancing in age looking for support whilst skiing, or a skier recovering or dealing with a knee related injury, Ski Mojo can help you to ski longer than you thought possible, and helps you to develop the correct skiing posture.

This innovative system takes up to 40% of the direct load to the knee area when skiing, helping those looking to advance their skiing, and those with weak knee or leg strength alike.

The Ski Mojo system comes in two strengths depending on your weight - for those under 13 stone we recommend the SILVER system. For those over 13 stone we recommend the GOLD system.

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Brand Ski Mojo
What's it for Ski
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Posted by James on Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Hi I just wondered if you, or the supplier, offer a try before you buy option on the Ski-Mojo. I was diagnosed with MS earlier this year and suffer a lot from muscle fatigue and weakness on my left side and I'm hoping the Mojo might keep me skiing for as long as possible in the years to come. However, £390 is a lot for me to spend and I really want to be sure it helps me ski otherwise I want be able to use it. Regards J Harbord


  • Posted by John Sturgess on Tuesday, 30 December 2014

    Good Evening James


    Thanks for your enquiry about the Ski Mojo's which we have stocked in their various guises since the first came out about six years ago.  An excellent piece of kit I'm sure that they would help you no end; we've have vartious people use them with great success for a number of reasons.  We have a majority of users who are Arthritis sufferers but we have also have a good cross section of users who have the need owing to Knee Reconstructions, Knee replacements (artificial knees implanted as a result of cancer damage) and a couple of MS sufferers.


    It's best if we can fit the Ski Mojo's directly onto your boots for you using the "drill and bolt system" rather than the toothed clamp that comes with them since it is a much more efficient, firmer and less bulky fixing which is also much more comfortable to use; are you a long way from Norwich?


    Do give me a call tomorrow on 01603 716655 after 10am but before 4pm and I can chat you through the options, including a "rental buy back" if they don't hit the spot for you.


    Hope this helps.


    Kind regards


    John and Team at Snowfit

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