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Ski Review of 2017/2018 Season Skis


 Having attended the Snowsports Industry of Great Britain, on snow, Ski Test in Pila back in 2003 we felt that the experience, particularly the opportunity to test similar skis one after the other in the same/virtually the same snow conditions was invaluable in helping us choose which skis to stock.

Fifteen winters on and with almost 400 skis personally skied by me, let alone the full Snowfit Test Team (recently numbering 6 -10 skiers on each SIGB test) we have certainly not changed our minds. 


We feel we now have an exceptional wealth of knowledge and first-hand skiing experience that enables us to provide extremely relevant info to anyone looking at purchasing new skis for this coming winter.  We also run two, week long “customer tests” each March to get a non-shop viewpoint on the coming season’s skis and Snowboards, enabling us to work from a wide base of views.


On the back of all that testing, we summarise below a few key pointers that we think will give our customers the info they need to get that purchase right.


Whatever you choose, enjoy your Skiing and have a great season

Best wishes 

John and Team




        No Brand makes bad skis, it’s just some will suit your skiing better than others



         The on piste performance of today’s All Mountain Skis is within a whisker as good as all but the very best specialist piste skis


         With the odd exception, even skis with waist widths of up to 115 perform well enough on piste for you to “ski around with the family” in the confines of the resort and still have fun.


          Experience has shown that whilst many of us dream about skiing day after day of fresh powder, it seldom materialises, particularly in Europe.  Settling for skis with waist widths between say 84mm and 100mm therefore makes a lot of sense.  These will be narrow enough to be agile, yet, even at the lower end of the range have enough float for the occasional off-piste excursion and rather more than that as you get waist widths in the high 90’s.  Overall they are just good at everything and are guaranteed to simply make you smile.


          Remember, the most expensive skis won’t necessarily make your skiing better; they can demand more than your skiing can actually give and end up make it worse/less fun.


         If you are lucky enough to encounter an organised Ski Test whilst you are away skiing then do try to make the most of the kit that’s on hand. You’re probably best to treat “single brand on snow tests” as a useful bit of fun, as in an ideal world you really need to be able to ski different brands one after other to get a real comparison before you commit.    However, failing that, there really is no substitute for talking with someone who has actually skied both the skis you already have (or have recently skied) and the ones you are contemplating buying. 




That said, we feel there are some great “category skis” that deserve a special mention so here are our picks:-


Piste - Men

       Head Supershape(s), Fischer Progressor F17 and Curv(s), Volkl RTM 76 Elite and the slightly wider RTM 81, Dynastar Speed Zone 12 and their slightly less demanding Speed Zone 10, Nordica Navigator 80


Piste – Women

         Blizzard Alight 7.2 and Black Pearl 78, Head Pure Joy, Nordica Astral 78, Volkl Flair 74 and 78



All Mountain (Mainly Piste) - Men

Black Crows Orb, Blizzard Brahma, Dynastar Legend 88, Fischer Pro Mtn 80/86 and Ranger 90 Ti, Head Power Instinct and Kore 93, Nordica Navigator 85/90, Nordica Enforcer 93, Rossignol Experience 88, Scott The Ski, Scott Slight 93, Volkl Kanjo


All Mountain (Mainly Piste) – Women

Dynastar Legend W84, Head Absolut Joy and Total Joy, K2 Thrilluvit, Salomon Astra, Scott The Ski, Volkl Kenja



All Mountain (Mainly Off-Piste) - Men

Armada Tracer 98 and Tracer 108,  Black Crows Daemon and Camox, Blizzard Rustler 10 , Dynastar Legend X96, Fischer Ranger 98 Ti,  Movement Icon 95 , Nordica Enforcer 100, Head Kore 105, K2 Pinnacle 95, Rossignol Sky 7, Scott Slight 100, Volkl 90Eight and Mantra


All Mountain (Mainly Off-Piste) – Women

Black Crows Daemon Birdie, Dynastar Legend W96, Head Wild Joy, Line Pandora 95, Nordica Santa Ana 93, Salomon QST Lux 92, Volkl Aura


 Freeride/Powder - Men

Armada Tracer 108 and 118, Black Crows Atris, Anima and Nocta, Blizzard Spur, Head Kore 117, Rossignol Soul 7, Head Kore 105, Line Sir Francis Bacon, Pescado and Sick Day 105, Scott Scrapper 115, Volkl BMT 109 and Confession


Freeride/Powder – Women

                Armada Trace 96, Dynastar W96, Fischer Ranger W98, Nordica Santa Ana 100


 Freestyle - Men

K2 Poacher, Line Honey Badger and Tom Wallisch


Freestyle – Women

Armada ARW 86, K2 Missconduct


 Backcountry Freestyle

Armada ARV 106, ARV 96, Line Blend, Nordica Soul Rider 97, Scott Punisher 95, Scott Scrapper 115




Black Crows Orb Freebird, Navis Freebird and Anima Freebird, Blizzard Zero G 95 and Zero G 108, Head Kore 93, K2 Talkback, Scott Superguide 88W, Superguide 95 and Superguide 105, Volkl BMT 109, Volkl VTA 98,




Black Crows Orb and Navis, Blizzard Brahma, Rustler 10 and Zero G 95, Dynastar Legend X88, Legend X96, Fischer Ranger 90Ti and Pro Mtn 95, Head Kore 93 and Kore 105, K2 Pinnacle 95, Line Sick Day 104, Movement Icon 95, Rossignol Experience 88 and Sky 7, Scott The Ski, Slight 93, Slight 100, Superguide95 and Superguide 105, Volkl  Kanjo, Mantra and V-Werks BMT’s



Fischer RC4 Series, Head WC Rebels Series


Whatever you choose, enjoy your Skiing and have a great season

Best wishes 

John and Team






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