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Salomon X Pro 100 2014

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High performance all mountain boots

New 2014 season stock available to pre-order now! Skis expected to arrive in store late September to mid October

Salomon says:
"Twinframe technology adapted for instant fit and all day comfort, X Pro's revolutionary 3D liner design eliminates pressure points and provides foothold for performance skiers."

Tech spec:

  • Twinframe - Combining two grades of plastic in the shell to provide the right rigidity when it's needed
  • 360 Custom shell - Maximised customizable area. Complete liner wrapping without pressure points
  • 24mm oversized pivot - Because modern all mountain skis are wider, they require more torque to stay on their edges
  • Custom Shell on cuff
  • Articulated sensifit  flex adjuster

Tech Spec

Brand Salomon
Ability Intermediate, Advanced
Foot shape Standard
Where you like to ski All Mountain (mainly on piste)

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Posted by garry on Sunday, 5 October 2014


Could you tell me if and when you will be getting new stock of Salomon x-pro ski boots, and any other details of mouldable boots. Or a good site for boot reviews, many thanks, Garry


  • Posted by John Sturgess on Sunday, 5 October 2014

    Hi Garry,

    Thanks for your enquiryI wrote a reply the day it came in but this seems to have diappeared off into the ether!

    Anyway, yes we are due in tis week I'm told they are on the way from France at the moment.  We also have the evn more mouldable Fischer Vacuum Boots and their semi Vacuum boots as well.  Head, Nordica, Dalbello all offer some form of "Scientifically based" moilding systems, however the tried and tested hot air and hydraulic rams still works as well as anything (as long as it's done properly. 


    None of these super mouldable system really work that well, the Fischer is the best, the others, including Salomon's are ok but generally if you have any seriuos issues that need taking care of a dedicated and skilled bootfitter beats them hands down!


    Hope this helps.


    Kind regards


    John and Team at Snowfit

  • Posted by John Sturgess on Sunday, 5 October 2014

    Good Morning Garry,


    Thanks for the enquiry about the Salomon boots.

    These are due in any day now (due today but we haven't yet had confirmation they are in transit) and for a mid-narrow boot the X-Pro has been popular.  There are numerous types of the current ranges of "mouldable boots" (they are all mouldable to a degree) but similarly all the system are hugely over hyped. 

    Best of the bunch are still the Fischer Vacuum's, in our opinion, some way ahead of the rest, including Salomon, but none do anything like what they claim; you still cannot beat the skills of a good boot fitter who has all the tried and tested means of customisation to hand; us, Ski Bartlett in Hillingdon, Finches in South London, Pro Feet in Central London, Solutions4Feet in Bicester and Rivington Alpine in Lancashire probably the most experienced.

    As for boot reviews, be careful and please don't consider them anything more than an interesting read.  Only you has the privilage of being blessed (or not) with your feet, everyone else has theirs and they are not yours.  Historically we've found people coming in to the shop convinced by what they have read and heard a boot is just what they need are usually hugely disappointed, sometimes not even able to get the boots on their feet, let alone be comfortable in them!

    We suggest you allow between one and two hours to be assesed and  try on a selection, spending enough time in each for a reasoned assessment to be made "by your feet"  We normally work to find the best "off the shelf option" before considering the need for customisation. 

    Selling hundreds of boots in a season this process has worked extremely well for us over the years and our 100% Money Back Comfort Guarantee is witness to the fact that this process works and works well; it's not in our interest, neither reputation wise or money wise to send someone out in boots that aren't nigh on perfect for them.


    Hope this helps


    Kind regards


    John and Team

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