Resqski II-Black


Resqski II-Black

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Electronic powder ski tracer

Resqski is an electronic ski finder for powder skiers that locates lost skis submerged under the snow; for off-piste skiers losing a ski is an ever-present fear, the ski planes under the powder and disappears in a fraction of a second.

Your ski, or skis, can end up many metres away from where you fall, ruin your day and at best disrupt the enjoyment of the rest of the ski group waiting for you. Finding skis buried up to one metre deep and 30 metres away, the Resqskis homing tags are shockproof (with a new and much improved heavy duty rubberised housing), waterproof and will ensure lost skiing time is kept to a minimum.

The removable tags have a neat switch that means batteries hardly ever have to be replaced and the system is very easy to fit, straight from box.

Using radio frequency, a credit card sized handheld transceiver communicates with the specially developed homing tags leading you to the lost ski(s) using flashing lights and sonic beeps. The lights on the handset move from red to green and the beeps get ever louder and more frequent as you get closer to the ski, coudn't be simpler. 

The early issues with the hard plastic housings (some of which broke when hit by violently crossing skis) have been resolved and make this bit of kit an even more sensible option to add to your beloved and often expensive pair(s) of skis.

A great idea developed by a UK skier who has brought his vision to market as a serious alternative to perpetually stuffing several metres of "damp ribbon" up your trouser legs!

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