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Nordica NRGY 100 2016

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Fall Line Skiing's 'All Mountain Ski of the year' - All-mountain camROCK rocker profile means it excels on hardpack groomers, bumps, crud, trees, or pow. This 100mm waisted ski will gives you confidence and performance wherever you take it.

All skis are waxed, brushed out and carefully packed

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  • 161cm
  • 169cm
  • 177cm
  • 185cm


Regular Price: £399.00

Special Price £239.40

Fall Line Skiing's 'All mountain ski of the year'!

The new 'NRGY 100' from Nordica was introduced this year to replace last season's 'Hell and Back' which was one of our favourite skis of the season.  However, Nordica have truly put the cherry on the cake with the new 'NRGY' series, particuarly the 100.  We're a big fan of all mountain skis around 100mm underfoot as it provides optimal float, without compromising on piste carving performance.  The "NRGY 100' holds an edge brilliantly even on ice conditions thanks to its 'Torsion Bridge' construction.  The new spoon shaped tip reduces the contact length, so short turns are handled with ease.  This also ensures the tips never want to dive in the deeper snow, and will blast through powder or any crud solidly.  All-mountain camROCK rocker profile means it excels on hardpack groomers, bumps, crud, trees, or pow. This 100mm waisted ski will give you confidence and performance wherever you take it. Without ever hearing any negative feedback on the 'Hell and Back', we're sure the new 'NRGY 100' will continue on in its footsteps, if not better it.


Sizes (cm) 161 169 177 185
Sidecut 136-100-120 136-100-120 136-100-120 136-100-120
Radius (m) 15,5 17,5 19,5 21,5
Weight - gr. cm2 3,8 3,8 3,8 3,8




All Mountain camROCK technology pulls the traditional contact point of the tip back about 25% creating slight tip rocker to aid the camber under foot. The result — increased floatation, velocity and maneuverability in soft snow as well as significantly increased easy of turn initiation in any condition.


Tech Spec

Brand Nordica
Ability Advanced, Expert
Waist width 95-120mm (freeride/powder)
Ski shape Early Rise
Where you like to ski All Mountain (mainly off piste), Freeride/Powder

If you buy your skis and bindings from us on our recommendation, either by visiting the store and talking to our staff, or "discussing" your requirements with us over the telephone or via e-mail and then when you ski them you cannot get on with them we offer the following guarantee:-

Subject to a weekly rental charge of £70 (rail binding system skis) or £95 (flat top skis that have been specifically drilled and mounted for you) we will accept return of those skis (providing of course they haven't been "mullered") and put the remainder of the price you paid for them towards a different pair.  

Please note, if you are unable to return the skis to us in person you would be required to pay for the carriage charges incurred in their return.

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Posted by peter on Sunday, 8 November 2015


Hi. I would like to purchase these skis and would like to know what binding options you have please. I am 72kg (without boot) and 175cm high. I was thinking 169cm skis would work for me. Many thanks


  • Posted by John Sturgess on Sunday, 8 November 2015

    Good Evening

    Thanks for your enquiry about an NRGy 100 set up with bindings.  At your weight the 169 would be fine, unless you are used to skiing long skis, in which case you could go with the 177's, they both feel shorter to ski than their length suggests owing to their seriously long rocker tip.  Advantage of the shorter ski is that it is more manoeuvrable through the bumps and trees, the longer one scores by being just that little bit more stable at high speed, but it really is pretty marginal differences we are talking about.


    Asregards bindings, we usually put on the Marker Squire 3-11 DIn or the Griffon 4-13 DIN (but your weight means that there is no need for you to go up to the heavier duty Griffon).  The other binding that we do put on them is the Tyrolia Attack, again the 11 DIN version sould be more than sufficient and noticeably cheaper than the 13.

    All of these should appear as "bundles on the NRGy 100 ski landing page, select your binding, then select your preferred ski length and then "add to basket".  The wesite system should then show you the ski and bindings in you basket with the further Bundle Discount taken off.


    Hope this helps; if you were thinking of Hike and Ride or Touring bindings with their climbing facility then do letv me know and I can draw up a list of bindings with a climbinf function that would work well with these skis.


    Kind regards


    John and Team at Snowfit

Posted by Tom on Monday, 31 August 2015


Hello. I am thinking of getting a pair of Nordica NRGY 100 2015 in 177cm. Do you have any in stock and if so could you send me a link to my email address. Thanks Tom Williams


  • Posted by John Sturgess on Monday, 31 August 2015

    Good Evening Tom


    Thanks for your enquiry about the NRGy 100's in the 177cm length.  I'm afraid we don't currently have these in stock but are expecting them shortly (our first delivery of the season is scheduled for mid-Sept). 

    This coming season we will be selling them at £399, available with a range of binding options, standard Alpine, Hike and Ride or Touring, drilling, fitting and set up of these is free of charge when both skis and bindings are bought from us.

    We are taking pre-orders over the phone, with those customers paying in full, up front (for a ski and binding set up), receiving a discount of 15% on the cost of the bindings.


    Hope this helps.


    Kind regards


    John and Team at Snowfit

    01603 716655

Posted by Peter on Monday, 1 December 2014


What sort of length do you recommend for these? I'm 5'6" 77kg advanced intermediate. Cheers P


  • Posted by John Sturgess on Monday, 1 December 2014

    Good Evening Peter


    Thanks for your enquiry about the NRGy 100's.  With the rocker you'd ski them a liitle longer than a comparative non rockered piste ski so about hairline to top of the head height.  My calculation is that in ski boots this is going to equate to the 169 as near as makes no difference.


    Great ski, huge fun and a lot mor forgiving than you might wxpect of a ski of this class; they will help you expand the versatility of your skiing no end.


    Hope this helps.


    Kind regards


    John and Team

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