Jones Hovercraft Split 2014


Jones Hovercraft Split 2014

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There is now nowhere that this board can not go?

All boards are professionally waxed and carefully packed ready for you to hit the snow!

Jones hover craft splitboard.

The  hovercraft  is synomnus with Jones snowboards . For many it is. the ultimate  powder board. Its long rockered nose and set back stacne mean that this board float effortlessly over evaey terrain, hence the name! unlike other boards that look powder spascphic the hovercraft rides exceptionally well all over the mountain. Once your head has got used to the fact there is very little tail  you will sonn for get you are riding anything other than a bloody good snowboard. And is if the board on its own was not enough this slpit version give you even greatter access to those powder lines.

What Jones say....

Ideal for Powder Hunting & Crud Busting

When is a pow board, not just a pow board? When your pow board is an all-terrain, all-conditions battle axe like the Hovercraft. Blower, crud or crust are no match for the trim and explosive Hovercraft as it floats through it all without sacrificing maneuverability. The blunt nose and directional rocker of the Hovercraft keep you partying in the pow, while the stiff tail and Mellow Magne-Traction lock in stability when the fresh tracks are gone. For catchfree slashing, the base along the tail edges is beveled up for more playful control. There is a good reason why you’ll catch Jeremy Jones riding the Hovercraft or the Hovercraft Split on more days than not. You can float, air it out and run it out all on the same rocket that makes effortless turns. Because the stubby Hovercraft packs so much float in such a small package, it’s designed to be sized 6-8 cm shorter than your average board


Directional Rocker

A hybrid rocker/camber flex pattern defined by more tip rocker then tail rocker and slight camber between the bindings. The rockered tip gives the nose added float and improves maneuverability while the camber underfoot gives you added edge hold and response. A slightly rockered tail maintains the power and stability of a traditional board but helps keep the tail catch-free initiating turns and landing switch.
“My experience is that most falls in freeriding start from the nose of the board – you either go over the bars in powder, the nose gets caught under a weird crust and tosses you, or you hit a hard tranny at the contact point of the tip and get bucked. Directional Rocker eliminates most of these falls. - Jeremy Jones


Jeremy Jones’ quest to build splitboards that shred equally as hard as solid boards was one of the founding goals of Jones Snowboards. All seven of our splitboard models are designed to meet that challenge and perform in the backcountry with every bit of the technical precision that our solid boards are renowned for. By sharing the same designs between solid boards and splitboards, we also offer the rare opportunity to master riding one board shape in bounds or out.




    Like a serrated knife slicing into the snow, Magne-Traction improves your edge grip by adding multiple contact points along the running length of your board.
    “Magne-Traction is a key ingredient for rockered board designs. Adding rocker to your board makes it glide more smoothly, but it makes it harder to really lock into your turns and hold a solid edge. Magne-Traction is crucial to offset the drift typical of rocker flex patterns.” - Jeremy Jones


    “How a board glides in powder, crust, corn, or any snow condition more then an inch deep is dictated by its front contact point and just past it. Next time you are in soft snow watch how much snow comes over the corner of the nose near the contact point. The billowing snow means you are plowing through it which is obviously slowing you down. By adding a blunt nose you get the float benefits of a much longer board tip without the added length or swing weight.” - Jeremy Jones

Tech Spec

Brand Jones
Ability Advanced
Camber shape Rocker
Riding styles Powder
Snowboard Width UK 10 & Under

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Posted by paul morgan on Friday, 6 December 2013


Hi Does the board come with the clips to lock it togeather? Thanks Paul.


  • Posted by Chris Sturgess on Friday, 6 December 2013

    HI Paul, Yes the board has the clips to hold it together but you would need to get the binding pucks and skins. Such a great board though and looks even better in the flesh.

    If you have any furter questions please give us a shout at the shop on 01603 716655 





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