Fischer RC4 Worldcup GS Masters Stiff


Fischer RC4 Worldcup GS FIS Masters Stiff WCP 2014

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Masters version of the GS Race Ski

Price shown is for skis only

All skis are waxed, brushed out and carefully packed

Full on race department version GS ski with Worldcup Plate, this is the Masters version of this ski.  The new 25 metre turn radius complies with FIS regulations and will give an extremely assured ride at high speed.  Various binding options for this ski are available up to and including the 18 DIN  Race Service Binding.

Tech Spec

Brand Fischer
Ability Competitor
Waist width 63-68mm (race carver)
Ski shape Traditional Camber
Where you like to ski Race

If you buy your skis and bindings from us on our recommendation, either by visiting the store and talking to our staff, or "discussing" your requirements with us over the telephone or via e-mail and then when you ski them you cannot get on with them we offer the following guarantee:-

Subject to a weekly rental charge of £70 (rail binding system skis) or £95 (flat top skis that have been specifically drilled and mounted for you) we will accept return of those skis (providing of course they haven't been "mullered") and put the remainder of the price you paid for them towards a different pair.  

Please note, if you are unable to return the skis to us in person you would be required to pay for the carriage charges incurred in their return.

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Posted by roeland on Friday, 31 July 2015


I see the master ski is the STIFF version. What is the difference between Medium and Stiff?


  • Posted by John Sturgess on Friday, 31 July 2015

    Good Morning Roland


    Thanks for your enquiry about the Fischer Masters GS Skis. 

    The stiffness rating is designed to show the difference between the "strength" of skis and is practically exhibited by how much force it takes to flex them. So, when the tail of the ski is firmly planted on the ground and the tip held firmly in one hand, the other is placed in the middle of the ski (roughly) and then applies a force to generate reverse camber in the same way as you would in bending a ski whilst making a fast, powerful turn.

    The skiing charecteristics of the medium and stiff skis are designed to be the same it is just that the stiff version of the ski requires a more powerful skier to get it to its optimum ride position.  In terms of how much they differ then we would suggest that the stiff versions are between 10% and 15% stiffer then their medium flex counterparts, as a result they suit a stonger, more aggresive skier who may or may not necessarily be a heavier skier.


    Hope this helps.


    I'll be in the shop from 10am this morning so do give me a call on 01603 716655 if it would help to discuss this further.


    Kind regards



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