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Fischer Ranger 84 2017

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Mens All-Mountain/Touring Ski

All skis are waxed, brushed out and carefully packed

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  • 159cm
  • 167cm
  • 176cm


Regular Price: £319.00

Special Price £209.00


KneeBinding Shadow-Grey-90mm

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The new Fischer Ranger 84 has effectively replaced the Watea 84 and whilst in essence they are similar in both dimensions and ski ability, the new Rangers have some useful tweaks that have improved what were already great skis.

The 84 is an extremely versatile All Mountain ski that will give precise control on piste and surprisingly good float off.  The light Air Tec Ti technology mean this ski is suited to both all mountain alpine and touring itineries and seems to have combined a little more power and even easier skiability than its forerunner, the Watea 84.

The ingenius shovel geometry facilitates easier skin fastening and outstanding uphill action.  The Titanal shell ensures a really secure fastening of all binding types so in terms of where and how you use these there are no technical limitations.

The Ranger 84 was very highly rated in Kuhtai when we tested almost 200 skis back in February and has the strongest graphic in the Ranger stable, so combining thiis with its great performance we may well see this out sell the 88.  Again, just like with the 88, we will have great confidence in recommending this ski to our customers this coming season.

Jake says- 

Airtec. Its all about the Airtec! Usually I’m not a fan of these funky new words that brands release each season, but with what Fischer has put into their new ranger range is brilliant. The only downside to the previous seasons Watea 84’s was that they could ‘flap’ whist hitting the higher speeds on harder packed snow days. Airtec is similar to what Nordica has done to their new NRGY series. It’s a metal sheet with holes in it. Providing stiffness and stability whilst still being super lightweight. It’s rockered tip means it is still super maneuverable whilst still being relatively stiff to prevent the ‘flap’. I probably had one of the most feel good runs whilst testing this ski in Austria, I remember taking them out more than one run on numerous occasions. If you’re dipping slightly more off piste, than try the Ranger 88 or the 96. You will love this ski! Pairs perfectly with the Attack Bindings.

Price shown is for skis only but various binding options with their special bundle prices are shown.  If a binding we stock isn't shown as one of our pre-selected bundle options, please drop us an e-mail and we will do our best to set it up specifically for you.



Dimensions  126-84-112 @176cms

Radius  18m @176cms

Sandwich  Sidewall construction

Wood core, offset milled structure for 25% weight reduction

Air Tec Ti for maximum weight reduction

Titanal shell

Tip & Tail Freeski Rocker

Tech Spec

Brand Fischer
Ability Intermediate
Waist width 75-86mm (piste/all mountain)
Ski shape Early Rise
Where you like to ski All Mountain (mainly on piste)

If you buy your skis and bindings from us on our recommendation, either by visiting the store and talking to our staff, or "discussing" your requirements with us over the telephone or via e-mail and then when you ski them you cannot get on with them we offer the following guarantee:-

Subject to a weekly rental charge of £70 (rail binding system skis) or £95 (flat top skis that have been specifically drilled and mounted for you) we will accept return of those skis (providing of course they haven't been "mullered") and put the remainder of the price you paid for them towards a different pair.  

Please note, if you are unable to return the skis to us in person you would be required to pay for the carriage charges incurred in their return.

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Posted by Karl on Friday, 9 December 2016


Hi. Do you have the 2017 Fischer Ranger 84, in 184 length and do you ship to the USA? If so, what price please?


  • Posted by John Sturgess on Friday, 9 December 2016

    Good Morning Karl

    Thanks for your enquiry about the Ranger 84 but I'm afraid we now only have it from 179cms down. 

    We do have a couple of last season's Ranger 90Ti in 186 and an old style Ranger 84 from 2015 in 184 but I'm guessing that whilst the 90's could fit the bill (as they are the new shape), the old 84's are a bit too "historical".

    Shipping to the States usually takes 3/4 days and costs £55; do come back to us if we can be of further help and in any case have a fun Winter.


    Kind regards


    John and Tean at Snowfit/Revolutionz

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